Issue 17

Cover Story | Drawing on perspective

Picasso said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Trends come and trends go, but the ones with substance come back around again.

Feature Story | Public policy

How izzy+ drives innovation through transparency

“Behind closed doors” is not a concept the design team at izzy+, the Spring Lake, Mich., furniture manufacturer, practices often. Instead, izzy+ uses transparency as a tool to evolve innovative ideas and gather feedback during the new product development process.

Workstation Life | Distraction detraction

Tailoring meetings to maximize focus

Most working professionals have been in daylong meetings, struggling to keep their attention, and have looked over to see colleagues making the ultimate meeting faux pas — doodling. But before making judgments, Jackie Andrade, professor of psychology at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom, says we can all learn a little more about people’s doodling ways.

Letter From the Editor | Everything old is new again

Rejuvenating popular design principles of the past is not necessarily a fad. Sometimes, drawing on the perspective of iconic designers brings us back to the core purpose of our work.

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